Staying on Top Of Your Business During Exam Season

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After an initial busy period, most people soon learn that they’re able to manage the balance between studying at university and operating their own business just fine. It takes a little bit more time, and a whole lot more discipline, but it’s more than manageable, purely because students do, actually, have a whole host of time on their hands. That’s what makes starting a business during your student years so appealing! However, this does get complicated when you factor in your exams, which is when students feel the most pressure – and lose most of their time. Here’s what you need to do to make sure you excel at your exams without hurting your business.


You might have been running on autopilot for a while, alternating between your business and student lives with ease in recent months, but when it comes to exam time you need to really stay on top of both by being organised. That makes compartmentalizing your day to allocate your time to each task. You might make the morning hours the time when you focus on your business, and then get straight to studying and the books after lunch. This will work well as it’ll give you an open ended amount of time to study knowing your business has been taken care of.

Delegating the Work

Some business leaders have a hard time delegating aspects of their business to others, but it’s an important – and sensible way – to do business, especially when things are busy. Take advantage of services like to manage your technology and communication systems, look at hiring temporary staff to keep things ticking over while you’re in the books, and see if any friends or family members will help you cope for a few weeks until your exams are over. This will help you study, but it’ll also teach you some valuable leadership skills too!

Cutting Out Everything Else

Now, we’ve all been students – we know that there are plenty of parties and other social gatherings to go to. It’s a big part of what college is all about. Most students are wise enough to cut down their partying when it comes to finals, but you won’t be like most students – you’re going to cut out just about everything during this busy time. Your priorities should be working on your business or studying. If not those two things, your efforts should be productive – like going to the gym. Cut out all the “bad” stuff, basically. It’s only for a few weeks.

Keeping Things Afloat

Don’t expect to be firing on all cylinders when you’re spread so thin. Focus on your exams – they’re the ones that will send you to higher places in the end, not your student business. As such, don’t plan on growing your business during this time. Keep things afloat, ticking over nicely, without worrying about improve profit margins. In fact, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to take a break from your business while you don’t have the time to really commit to – losing a few dollars is a fine trade for good exam marks!

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