The Benefits of a Study Abroad Internship

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Studying abroad is a great to expand your horizons and learn more about the world while furthering your academic career. However, if you are specifically interested in learning how to conduct business abroad, you might wish to consider an internship abroad instead. Study abroad internships are a great way to experience business culture in another country and develop practical language and work skills that will aid you in international

Choosing an Internship

Most internships can be found through the school at which you are already studying, so a good place to begin your search is with your school guidance councilor. If you can’t find the internship of your dreams there, you have several other options, including contacting companies directly or going though a third party matching organization.

Benefits of an Internship

There are a number of benefits to a study abroad internship. Many college students like to travel during their school years, and internships afford a great opportunity to do so while making money for room and board. Many study abroad internships include a living stipend, and board is generally included. You probably won’t be making as much as full employee of the company, but you can usually expect to have a little cash to enjoy your new location.

Internships also provide valuable experience that you may not be able to get working in an internship back home. For those who want to go into international business, they can learn first hand what it is like to work in an office outside the United States, in a culture that may have very different business practices. Language is another valuable benefit. Interns can expect to learn foreign language specifically suited to their field and the business world in general.

Types of Internships

Before you start sending out applications, consider how long you want your internship to be. Some internships only last the summer, while others are a semester or even a year long. Internships are available in many different fields, including banking, technology. There are even nursing internships for studying abroad. Whatever you are studying for, you are likely to be able to find a study abroad internship that suits you. In addition to work experience, most internships also include classroom study at a local university. This gives you a chance to expand your formal education as well as your work experience.

If you want to expand your skills and experience a new country or culture at the same time, consider a study abroad internship in your field.

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