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Starting a company from your dorm room, garage, or even bedroom is perfectly possible. Although in the beginning stages it may seem as if you are all on your own and you have to be a jack of all trades. In fact, you may find yourself jumping from marketing to sales, to CEO, to customer representative all in the space of an hour. However, this does not have to be the case because there are many businesses out there that make their money, by doing the things for your business. The things that you are not expert in, or that you don’t have access to. Read on to find out more about the type of things that are on offer and how they can help your business become a success.

Social media marketing managers

Get the word out about your business by using a social media manager. Image here

You may have your own Facebook page, and even your own Twitter but do you really know how to grab an audience’s attention and get them to interact with your product? Probably not, and that is the reason why social media managers exist.

They are specialists that run your social media platforms for you, posting content that is targeted towards your demographic, engaging customer interaction and developing your brand.


You can employ social media professionals on a month to month freelance basis in most cases. Something that is worthwhile as it can take the hassle of the day to day management of your social media account off of your shoulders, allowing you to get on with other valuable aspects of running your businesses.

Equipment and vehicle rental companies

A major issue for many small business owners, especially when they are first starting up is gaining access to the type of equipment and transport needed to complete the job they want. You see this particularly in trade areas such as plumbing, electricians, and mechanics were transporting the right number of people need for the job as well as the equipment can be problematic.

Happily, though there are companies out there such as Flex Flex Truck Rentals, that hire out vehicles on a short-term basis. Something that means you don’t have to miss out on a job because you haven’t got a big enough car.


Of course, there are also companies out there that hire specialist equipment for trades and related professions. Although you will have to be prepared to leave a hefty deposit just in case anything goes wrong while you are using it, but you will get this back when it’s returned safely. Something that still makes it a cheaper option for business just starting out, or where they don’t need the kit on every job they do.

Graphic designers and web developers

Internet presence it’s a big deal, and your business no matter how small need ones. The problem is that not everyone is IT savvy enough to build their own website with an associated sales funnel, as well as provide the graphics and photos that are such a valuable part of any brand.

That is where graphics and web designers come in, as it is their business to create these things for your business. Many also work on a project to project basis, although web designers often stay on a small retainer to deal with any updates, changes or problems as and when they occur. Something that makes them the perfect solutions to help you out with your business set up.

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