Employee Issues: Fixing Your High Staff Turnover Problem

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A high staff turnover rate is costly and a time consuming process in business. Not only does it reduces productivity but it reduces morale too, teamwork is important but it is difficult for staff members to create bonds and trust when new employees are constantly cycling in and out of your business. In general, it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right, and so if it’s something you’ve noticed it’s time to take a look at why it’s happening. Here are some areas to address.

Work on Your Selection Process

If you get the right people on board in the first place, there’s less chance of them quitting. You need to find people that are motivated with a good track record, and ideally have skills and experience in other roles that can be transferred. Otherwise they need to display qualities that make them a good candidate for being trained up. Don’t dress up your job vacancy to be something it isn’t, otherwise you will have people applying and leaving when it’s not what they thought. Spend some time in the interview process getting to know candidates, even performing second or third interviews if needed. And follow up on references as well as gaps in employment, so you can get the best understanding of the candidate.

Provide Good Equipment, Software and Office Space

You will want your company to be a pleasant place to work. A dingy and outdated office isn’t likely to inspire people and make them feel productive. Make some changes- redecorate, improve the layout and upgrade the furniture. Employees should have the right equipment and software which allows them to do their job properly; it could be Altium for electronics designers, accounting software for your finance team and CRM software for your customer service team. When people have access to the right equipment and materials they can do their job more efficiently and won’t be frustrated and held back.

Keep an Eye Out For Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment is one of the main reasons people will quit a job, and if they’re unhappy with the environment and colleagues aren’t likely to stick around. If you have a lot of workers coming and going this could be something to look in to. Enforce a no bullying policy in the workplace, and set up a system where people can anonymously report issues.

Ask Staff Where You’re Going Wrong

To find out the cause of your high turnover rates you could ask those who have handed in their notice for the reason. Some might be reluctant to say, but others will be honest and you will have your answer. From there you could work on these problems and make sure future employees aren’t being failed in the same way. If your company is listed on job sites, take a look at these too for worker reviews.

Have you ever experienced a high staff turnover rate in your business? What did you do to fix the problem?

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