Think You Know Your Customer? Here’s How To Get An Insight

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How many of us business owners and entrepreneurs truly know the behaviors of our customer? Do we know their buying habits? How long it takes from the idea of making a purchase or ordering a service right through to the actual implementation of it? How do we know if we are advertising in the right way or whether our website is really as well-received as we would like it to be? The truth is, none of us really know the full extent of the answers to the above questions. But there are ways to get a better insight, here are some of the ways you get to know your customer a little better.

Use website or smart application insights

Most of us will have a website advertising and showcasing our business and some of us will even have an application for smartphones that run alongside it. But these two valuable tools to our business can also provide us with very important information about our buyers habits. Using software and code like embedded BI could provide you with insights as to how long people stayed on particular web pages. The bounce rate from your pages and even the demographic such as typical age and location of your prospective buyers.

Engage with your audience

A real secret weapon to understanding your customer more is to engage with them and social media is a great way to do this. Having a strategy for your marketing in place could mean consistent posts being published online. So you may find that you get comments and thoughts in response to those posts, but engaging further and having a conversation with your customer could really open your eyes to their needs and desires from your business.

Have focus groups

A focus group is a select group of people that are there purely to provide feedback. It might be on your website or smartphone application. It might be about a particular product or service. But the idea behind it is so you can generate some honest feedback and critique about what you have been asked to have reviewed. Focus groups are very select, and so the type of information you get can be quite structured. You might want to have a few different focus groups to gain a broader understanding and to see if there is consistency and trends with the opinions and views shared.

Ask for feedback

Finally, asking for feedback is a great way to get a better insight into your customers habits and shopping process. You may want them to fill in a survey after the buying experience is completed. They could leave an online review on your website or directly with yourself once the purchase is completed. Or you could simply ask for some opinions and feedback online on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. The information you gather could prove vital for future product launches or how you share information in the future.

I hope that you have found some of these methods informative.

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