What Motivates You to Blog?

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This is a damn good question! Staying motivated to continually blog and write new articles can be a tuff task. No matter what the content of your blog be, being able to crank out new stuff is hard. I am not really sure what keeps me going and blogging, if anything. I am sure that regular readers here have noticed how sparse my posting can get sometimes.

So, I wanted to pose the question to some different entrepreneurs and bloggers. Being able to read why others continually blog may be motivating to you and me! But more importantly, I just want to get some other perspectives on it and see why others do it.

Over the next couple days I will post some responses that I get from different bloggers and their reasons for blogging. If you would like to respond to the question, feel free to drop me an email at chris@chrispund.com with your response.

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  1. David August 4, 2006 at 11:15 am #

    What motivates me to blog?

    Many things motivate me to blog, but I’d say the primary reason that I am so enthusiastic about blogging is the sheer fact of knowing that what I write can have an impact on millions of peoples’ lives around the world.

    It’s amazing knowing that through my words, I can teach, inspire, and motivate individuals. From a single idea to putting that idea down in a blog, peoples’ outlooks on life can be impacted in so many ways.

    Blogging is the perfect medium for one to express their insights, experiences, and views with the world. I think many people still underestimate the potential and power of blogging. Being able to express your feelings with the world at the press of a button, how awesome is that?

    I love making connections to various entrepreneurs all over the world via blogging. I love spilling out my thoughts and reading opinions and different views from all sorts of people around the globe – that’s what this medium is all about: exchanging intelligence and information.

    For me, blogging will always be a part of my life – it’s just that simple.

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