4 iPhone Apps Young Professionals Need

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As a professional, your career is critical to your happiness. It determines the amount of personal satisfaction you enjoy during your waking hours. Plus, your paycheck defines whether you can pay the bills each month. If you pick the right career, you’ll even have a surplus of disposable income to increase your happiness. So, it’s important to stay career-focused. Here’s a guide to four iPhone apps that every professional needs.


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The nature of business meetings has changed dramatically. In the digital era, people across the globe can communicate at the same time. All they need is the right software to connect their conversation. GoToMeeting lets you host or take part in a meeting that includes as many as 25 people. It’s one of the most robust video conferencing apps available.

Since you don’t always want a stranger thousands of miles away to see your face, however, video conferencing isn’t always the best choice. GoToMeeting works just as well as an audio meeting app. A person can function as host, leading the proceedings by delivering a presentation. Afterward, they can answer any questions from the other participants. GoToMeeting dominates the business industry for a simple reason. It’s the best meeting software ever invented.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

One of the other realities about your work life is that it now blends seamlessly with your home life. Most millennials consider this normal professional behavior, which means that even if you don’t, others will judge you for not doing so. On the plus side, forward-thinking companies often allow employees to work from home for a variety of reasons. For instance, coming to work when you’re sick is no longer a popular choice.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is your best friend when you work from home. It’ll build a direct portal to your company computer. You can do anything you want on that system by using this app on your phone. Once you get in the habit of viewing your work on the 5.5″ Retina HD display of your iPhone 6s Plus, you’ll feel depressed when you’re actually in the office looking at your giant monitor. It’ll feel like overkill in the smart device era. With Microsoft Remote Desktop, your job goes where you do, which will increase your productivity, making you that much more desirable as an employee.

Inbox by Gmail

Since its introduction in 2004, Google’s Gmail has dominated the marketplace. It’s become the default cloud email service for personal computer owners. Still, its market share has shrunk in recent years due to the rise of smart devices for email services. By the end of 2015, metrics suggested that 15.2 percent of users employed Gmail while almost 60 percent employed some form of smart device app.

Losing by a factor of four, Google decided to evolve from their original service. The new offering is Inbox, a product intended to meld all major forms of internet communication into a single app. It also features a large dose of machine intelligence in an attempt to start training software to write emails for people. You likely used Gmail for years before moving on to one of Apple’s or Android’s solutions. It’s time to switch back and give Google’s tech wizards another chance. Inbox is the best email app available today.

Adobe Voice

You live in a storytelling society. If you’re not good at crafting engaging stories that entertain and impress your peers, you’re in danger of falling behind professionals who are. Thankfully, this app can enhance your storytelling ability to separate you from your peers. If you can already tell great stories, it’ll elevate them to legendary status.

Adobe Voice prompts you to speak on your favorite topic. Once you’re done, it’ll enable you to add accompanying images to enhance your audio. Eventually, you’ll string together an entire video of images along with your spoken word discussion. It’ll even toss in a minimal musical accompaniment as a glossy touch, making your video seem professional. You’ll be a master storyteller within hours of your first Adobe Voice project.

Since your career is critical to your happiness, you want to stand apart from your peers. Download the four apps above, and you’ll feel and appear more professional as you climb the corporate ladder.

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