5 Logistical Solutions For Entrepreneurs

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When you operate your business from your dorm room, logistics becomes a logistical nightmare. Whenever products are involved, stock is required, and storage for that stock comes at a premium. Then, of course, is the cost of packaging up those stock items and getting them to the customer. The more orders you have, the tougher this can be. So what are the solutions that are open to a small business like yours?

Small Items

Any small items can usually be sent through the postal service. There are, however, several problems with this method of delivery. The first is value. Most postal services are unwilling to insure high-value items. This means you are posting at your own risk. The second problem is that certain products are not permitted to be sent out this way. Finally, you need to physically take all of your letters and parcels to a postal service office and wait for each and every one to be weighed and stamped. There are machines you can rent to do this at home, but they’re big and bulky.

Small To Medium Items

The postal service will also take small packages and parcels that can reasonably be carried by hand. The charges for this might be higher than a local courier company might charge, so it’s worth checking prices for comparison. Depending on your stock levels required, you might now be running out of room at home to manage this side of your business effectively. You’re slower and more restricted than big companies with dedicated space and resources.

Medium Items

Anything this size really requires you to use a dropshipper service. Dropshipper services can vary wildly so be sure to try and test the system before you commit to any contracts. Look for a dropshipper that can offer live tracking of orders and deliveries. You should be able to clearly see stock levels, and you might want to dip in and out of different product niches too. Dropshippers offer a fairly complete solution. They hold the stock, handle the logistics, and might even offer you a white label website. All you need to do is attract the customers!

Medium To Large Items

If you’re selling a large volume of goods like this, you might need to consider a formal courier service contract. They can pick up your stock items from your warehouse and handle the shipping entirely. Alternatively, if you’re providing items for your hometown, it might make sense to invest in a van, and manage your own deliveries. Compare the overall costs to see which option suits you best. Finally, determine if your customer base is looking for a personal service from within the company.

Large Items

The largest items tend to be the most vulnerable when it comes to shipping and deliveries. Make sure you’re using wooden packing boxes that can stand up to the journey. Fragile goods must be properly protected, and long journeys usually require a lot of moving about. Whether you’re transporting goods by truck, van, car, train or ship, your largest items carry the biggest risk.

If you sell goods, then you need to make sure the customer receives those goods. They want them within a specified time frame, and they want them in perfect condition. How do you handle these logistics?

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