Business Rule Number One: Deliver What You Promise

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In the world of business success is measured in a number of ways. It is measured in a business’s ability to beat its competitors. It is measured in the impact its advertising and marketing campaigns have. And it is of course measured in its ROI. But there is an aspect of business that is even more important than ROI, and that is that a business keeps its promises. Keeping and delivering promises is the number one rule in business as it facilitates all success it has. It facilitates it’s ability to beat its competitors, deliver its marketing campaigns and obtain a ROI for itself. Most importantly, it facilities a trustworthy and genuine relationship with its customers.

The power of keeping promises is one that all businesses should train themselves to be able to wield. Only when a business trains itself to be able to keep promises can it then create customer relations. Only once it creates customer relations can it generate a sustainable custom and income. And without a sustainable income there is no ability to be able to pay necessary outgoings. And when this cannot happen a business will, well, be a business no more. Ultimately, keeping promises is the defining factor in maintaining custom, which is in fact the defining factor in a business’s life and its death. Seeking a one off customer or a new customer every time is still a source of income, but it is an unreliable one. A business cannot control whether a customer will turn up at its doorstep. A business cannot be sure that a new customer will walk through its door. A business cannot guarantee a new customer will bring it new custom every day. But once a business creates a relationship with a custom it can then begin to have some sort of guarantee that custom will in fact be coming its way. And to build a stable customer/business relationship, trust in the business is needed on the customer’s part. So, if you are a business owner, you should be doing all you can to induce this trust in every customer you deal with.

And this trust can come in a number of different forms. Namely, as the title suggest, it comes in the form of being able to deliver promises. This could be promises you make in customer relations. Promises in pricing. Promises in produce. Promises in time frames. Or simply promises that a service is going to be completed. If you promise something, you must deliver it. The latter, the promise that a service is in fact actually going to be delivered, is vital. If you promise a service, especially if you take payment for it, it must be done and it must be done correctly. Now, a lot of things can stand in the way of the fulfilment of this promise. In every single business, every single day, there are a plethora of tasks that need doing. As a business owner you will know that you and your business are faced with a number of things to do at all times. There are things to be done in accounting. Things to be done online. Things to do be done ‘on the floor’. Because of this, it can sometimes be hard to dedicate enough time to one particular task. But if you’ve promised to a customer that a particular task will be delivered to them, it quite frankly needs to be delivered. And it needs to be delivered exactly the way you promised it would be. This is the point in which you should consider outsourcing.

By outsourcing you afford yourself, and your business, the opportunity to not only follow through on every promise you make regarding the completion of a job, but that the job will be completely optimised upon completion. You should never be too proud to outsource jobs you have to external forces. In fact, doing so means you have enough business acumen to know how to get the best out of every business situation you face. And to get the best out of every situation or job, you need to have the best people possible working on it for you. For instance, a lot of the produce your business distributes will have to be Quality Assured. QA is highly important as every product that leaves your business must both be safe to use and do the job being asked of it. But do you, or your in-house team, have time to make sure everything that you sell meets the standard demanded of it? No. The answer is simply, no. You cannot check everything. You cannot ensure absolutely everything is okay to be sold. Because of this, you should outsource the job of QA testing to an external service. For example, if your business has created an app, then you should have it QA tested by Global App Testing, who can be found here: Doing so will mean you give the product you have created every chance to be Quality Assured in the right way. It will get the attention it deserves and needs elsewhere and will also be tended to by professionals in the field. And outsourcing one task then has a knock-on effect in regards to other tasks that you have to do. It means more time will be freed up for your in-house team, meaning they can devote more time to other tasks. It also means you are not wasting the efforts of any employee, or the money you spend on them, as they attempt a task they are not trained or qualified to do.

But sticking to your word and delivering what you promise in business is not just pivotal in regards to your customers. It also impacts your employees too. As a business owner you owe it to those that work for you to help you fulfil your business dream to be honest to them. You owe it to them to deliver on anything you promise. So, as a decent person and not just as decent boss, you should always try to do this. But lying in this way can also impact your business through the fact that staff moral is negatively affected. It would be bad enough if one employee lost the desire to work for you, but it would be even worse if a whole host of them did at the same time. By promising, say, a bonus for your staff or even an all-expenses paid reward for their hard work, and not following through with it, you will soon find staff morale slumping. And when that slumps, so does their desire to work for you. Failing to follow through on promises you make to your employees can also land you in hot water legally too. If, on record, you offer something such as a promotion to an employee, but then you don’t follow through with this course of action, they can take you to court. There are a whole host of things that an employee can take their boss to court for, don’t let false promises on your part be one of them for you.

As documented by the Global Ethics University in this article:, it is unethical to make promises in business that you don’t follow through with. As documented in this very article that you are reading, it can be disastrous to do so also. It can result in a lack of stable custom, which ultimately results in a lack of a stable income. It can result in a lowering of staff morale. And it can also result in you, yourself finding yourself in hot water with the law. So, if you want to avoid all of these circumstances, simply stick to your word!

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