Golden Rules For Turning Your Blog Professional

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Anyone can create a blog; that’s simple enough, especially if you choose to use one of the available online platforms to do it. Making your blog into a profitable blog however – well, that’s a whole other step.

While there’s plenty of information to be found on the why and how regarding creating a blog that makes a profit, there’s not quite so much covering the background of understanding that all pro bloggers need. Making a blog financially viable is not just about getting ads in the right places or attracting sponsorship posts, it’s about changing your entire relationship with how you see your blog.

And for some people, that’s far easier said than done.

To really make a go of blogging as a business venture, there are some harsh realities you’re going to need to come to terms with. Only when you can be sure you’re happy with the necessities below should you really think about transforming your blog into a financial venture.

#1 – It’s Not Just Your Blog Anymore

Sure, to an extent it will always be your blog, but you now have another priority: making readers happy and attracting sponsors. This probably means an end to any stream of consciousness style posts, written largely for your own entertainment. From now on, anything that you put onto your blog has to be viewed through the lens of how readers might respond and how sponsors might perceive your blog as a result of it.

#2 – Your Blog Is Now A Business In And Of Itself

Most specifically, you are now a publisher, and your blog is the platform that allows you to do that. This is the time when you should be thinking about company formation, getting a separate bank account for your blog, and setting up dedicated servers. These are essentials for your blog to function as an entity separate from you as an individual; one that is focused on revenue-generation, and not just functioning as your little corner of the internet to be used as and when.

#3 – The Days Of Sporadic Posting Are Over

If you tend to just post to your blog as and when you feel like it, those days are over. You’re going to need to formulate a reliable posting schedule, which you don’t deviate from. Not only do you need to maintain steady visitor numbers if you want sponsors and advertisers to work with you, but your viewership is going to expect new content on a regular basis. This does mean that even when you want to take a holiday, you’re going to need to schedule posts in advance to ensure you’re covered even while you’re away.

If all of the above sounds like a lot of work – well, it is, but maintaining a blog for the sake of profit is a lot of work. If you can frame your thinking correctly and see this as a business venture rather than just another blog, your future will be bright, so don’t hold back!

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