Can You Make Your Business 24/7 Within The First Year?

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If your goal as a business is to aim for the stars, then you need to be looking to make your business 24/7 as soon as possible. The importance of a business that is able to communicate with its customers on a 24/7 basis isn’t just something that is an end goal for your business, but it needs to be an essential part of your structure. People now take it for granted that they can access customer service or get problems fixed at 3 o’clock in the morning, it is something for you to think about to get your company up and running on a 24-hour basis. So how is this possible, especially within the first year of trading?


If you’re looking to expand your company on a global framework, you need to start thinking more widespread than just your dorm room. You need to get in contact and build working relationships with people that are based on the other side of the planet. And while it can be a big challenge right at the start and may result in a few Skype meetings in the middle of the night, if you can forge these relationships now it will have a much bigger impact on the catchment area of your business in the future. The same applies if you are working on a 24-hour basis, you will need the most prudent IT support services that can keep track of your business dealings every hour of every day. People will require their problem solved regardless of the times of night, so it’s important for you to have the best support networks in place for you to solve these problems for your customers and for you to have the most relevant support networks to fix whatever the issue is for you as soon as possible. Outsourcing as a tool is something that will save you a lot of time and hassle at the start of the business. And while it can be a cost at the beginning that you may not be able to afford, it’s still important for you to make the most of it because you can’t be supremely skilled in everything. So make the most of the right people in the right areas.

Hiring People You Can Trust

It may go without saying that you need to hire people that you trust implicitly. But if you are trying to run a 24-hour operation it’s more than important that you get people with the right attitude to making your company as profitable as possible, especially at 2 o’clock in the morning when most people’s faculties aren’t operating at 100%! So you need to be managing these shift workers as effectively as you can but also be aware that shift work is deemed as a very unhealthy profession! So the trick is to train them up properly first before letting them loose on their own, but also if you can find certain ways to automate processes, this will be a big relief for you and the shift worker. It is a very difficult thing to manage people on a 24-hour basis and communication can be a big issue and people are likely to make mistakes, but this is your responsibility to implement a smooth transition from the day staff to the night staff.

A 24-hour business is all about the attitude and mentality, so if you can begin by dotting the right members of staff across the world before having people work in-house, this is the secret to getting a business up and running within the first year.

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