New Dorm Room Biz Theme Launched!

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Well, if you are reading this by coming to, then you can probably tell that this is a brand new theme that was just launched for the site. I have been working with a programmer over the last couple weeks to get this baby ready for launch and we both think that we have reached that point.

I am working on making sure that all the pages and links work, but if you happen to find something that does not work like it is supposed to or you think that there is a problem, please contact me at chris [at] I will probably go into a little more indepth description of the different additions/changes from the last theme to this one later on, but I just wanted to let everyone know that the new theme has indeed launched, and I wanted to get your feedback.

So, please let me know what you think! All comments, suggestions, questions are welcome.

At the same time, it is crazy to think that Dorm Room Biz was started about 2 years ago this week, nuts how time flies! I’ll have a yearly wrap up style post coming in the next few days with more details about this sort of stuff!

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