The Month in Review: September Earnings and More

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September has come and gone and now we get back into the holiday season. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are right around the corner! I am pretty sure Wal-Mart is already stocking the Christmas items, too!

Anyway, with the month finished, its about that time that I sometimes put together a earnings post for the month and all around update on the status of the site. So, lets get started.


Private Ads: $10.00
Sponsored Reviews: $9.75
Text Link Ads: $25.52
ReviewMe: $40.00
Adsense: $14.73
TOTAL: $100.00

Some notes on the earnings and other items…
On top of the $14.73 that I “earned” from AdSense for the month, I actually got my latest Adsense payment of over $100. Since I don’t make enough through AdSense to get a monthly deposit (more than $100), it is nice every couple months when it does come through.

I have sold a few private ads on the site over the past few months and there has also been a lot of interest in purchasing advertising on the site. If you are interested, check out the rates on the Advertise page and then get in contact with me to discuss. All the ad formats are available (text link, image ad, and sponsored posts).

I am happy that I hit the $100 mark again for the month, that is good news. I hope that this month we will be able to get over that and get closer to $150. With two new bloggers on board to help write for the site, I think we will be able to pump out some great content that will hopefully attract some more monthly advertisers and sponsors. Page views and visitors have taken about a 40% increase in September from August and just about doubled from July. I know they are not impressive numbers (1200 visits and 1600 page views) but they are continuing to go up daily and look forward to what October brings.

With college classes back in full force for everyone, I will hopefully be able to put out some useful content for student entrepreneurs – if you have ideas for posts, please let me know and we will write about them! Also, if you have questions you’d like for us to try to answer, email me and we will either email you back or post about it on the site!

Obviously the most popular post from the month was the contest post. As I already reviewed after the contest finished, there were over 300 combined entries and over 80 comments. Some of the other popular posts for the month included:

We also got out 14 posts for the month, which equates to almost one every other day. October is going to be better – I swear! Keep a look out!

I think that is about all the updates that I have for now. October is a busy month for me (as far as the weekends go) but I should be able to get a lot of posts written while at work…like I am now.

Anyway, keep your heads up, keep hustlin’, and keep making the green!


P.S. New Dorm Room Biz design is still in the works – look for it to be launching this month…..I hope! It should be great!

P.S.S. Thanks for continuing to come back and visit the site! Be sure to subscribe via RSS or Email and then follow me on Twitter!

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4 Responses to The Month in Review: September Earnings and More

  1. James October 2, 2008 at 1:13 pm #

    Wow! I can’t beleive I have only JUST discovered this amazing recource!

    The site looks great, and I’m sure with two new writers the site will begin to really boom!

    What do you do with the money? What size slice of the pie does everyone get?

    Actually, what I would like to see from some multiple author blogs, is some joint posts, like everyone lists their top 5 business tools and why, all on the same post, you could do this with what everyone wants for christmas as well and things like that.

  2. Chris October 2, 2008 at 1:17 pm #

    Hi James! Thanks for the comment and stopping by! Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or email feed to keep updated when posts are made.

    Any earnings from the blog come to me. The new authors just came on and we have not gotten to the point yet where profit sharing is involved. The money earned is not necessarily profit. It goes towards covering the costs of hosting, site development (new theme and design on the way), advertising, etc. I still maintain the blog and do 95% of the posts, while the new authors will hopefully pick up some posting so that we don’t go long periods without any new content like we have before. Hopefully in the future we will get to the point where I can pay out to the other authors.

  3. Ryan October 2, 2008 at 4:37 pm #

    Hey Chris. Nice looking blog you got going here. Have you ever thought about additional revenue streams other than ads? I know when I got started, I thought ads were the way to go, but the returns usually aren’t that great when considering the time you put in to get those clicks. Anyways, I’ll be checking out the blog regularly.


  4. Chris October 2, 2008 at 4:50 pm #

    Hey Ryan, what other things were you speaking of? I do paid reviews and sponsored posts on top of just ads. I’d love to hear any recommendations you may have! Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or email feed!

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