Guest Book Review of Young Guns

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Young Guns: The Fearless Entrepreneur’s Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own

Quick Overview: This book is about Entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an Entrepreneur in this current economic climate.  Robert’s timely advice and guidance given in this book is a good solid base for anyone who is looking at being or wanting to be a future entrepreneur.

The way I would break this book down if I was using this as a text to study from or a learning guide would be like you see below.  I will also pull out some important points for you from the chapters that I think the author did a great job of illustrating in this book.  Please note these are only teasers you will have to read the book to get the full value of these points.

Phase One: (Thinking Phase)

Chapters 1 thru 3

  • The Power of making decisions.
  • Resilience
  • Enthusiasm and Energy
  • Persistence
  • Commitment
  • The Big Idea

Phase Two: (Getting Started and Moving toward your Dreams Phase)

Chapters 4 thru 8

  • Keeping an Open Mind
  • Mentors
  • Partners
  • Gut-Check Moments
  • Taking Action
  • Communicating
  • Staying Balanced
  • You Are The Company

Phase Three: (Pushing your business forward and Servicing your Customers Phase)

Chapters 9 thru 11

  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Ongoing Service
  • Follow-through
  • Service
  • Customer First
  • Selling Light and Performing Heavy

Phase Four: (Building your Team and Vendor relations Phase)

Chapters 12 thru 14

  • Shared Values
  • Reward for Improvement
  • Empower the Best, Lose the Rest
  • Give People Credit
  • Celebrate Failure
  • Bouncing Back
  • Vendor Relations

Phase Five: (Money Phase)

Chapter 15

  • Know When to Show a Loss
  • Good Accounting Software
  • Stay on Top of Your Books

Phase Six: (Review and Wrap up Phase)

Chapter 16 and Online Resources

  • Why Not You?
  • Online Resources for Book

My Thoughts: I could see this book being used as a text book for Entrepreneur courses in University’s across the country.  This book is very well written and is a very inviting and easy to read.  I found myself wanting to read it from cover to cover without putting it down but as we all know most of us don’t have that luxury.  Robert is very engaging and spaces his writing out with stories that help to illustrate the lessons he is trying to teach the reader.  The lessons in the book are not only current but they do a great job of bringing some people to the fore front that you might not have known about before you read this book.  Also the Online Resources that Robert adds to the end of the book are great and I think it was a great idea to leave the reader with some resources they can use to not only better themselves but that they could also share those resources with others as well.  I loved the use of the “Reality Checks” sections throughout the book it not only helped you draw into the underline lessons being taught by Robert but it also helped to draw the book together as a whole. Robert’s insight is not only timely but is also written from a person’s view that has been on the ground and started running a business from the ground up.  I have read many business and entrepreneur books in the past from some of the greats like Robert Kiyosaki and others, and Robert Tuchman is definitely on the same level as these other great authors.  I look forward to reading his future books.

About the Book Author: Robert Tuchman is the Founder of TSE Sports and Entertainment, a company that he started out of his one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan at the age of 24.  TSE has appeared in such great entrepreneur magazines as INC.  Robert himself has been a frequent guest on CNN, CBS Morning News, and BET.  He has also had numerous articles published about him in newspapers such as USA Today, The New Your Times, and The Wall Street Journal.  He currently lives in New York.  This brief background on the Author was provided by Alice Northover of the Amacom Company.  Alice may be reached at the following phone number and e-mail address if you would like more information about Robert Tuchman.  Alice’s phone number is 1-212-903-7951.  Alice’s e-mail address is (

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This is a guest book review written by Chris Schenk. Chris is a SVP of Healthcare at 3-D Technology, Inc., a Vice President of the Board at Military Pride USA a (Military Non-Profit focusing on our soldiers and their families), a Healthcare Technology Consultant, and owns and operates his own Artist / MMA Management company. If you would like to know more about Chris Schenk you can either find him on Linkedin at or you can also follow him on Twitter at

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  1. Sarah O'Dwyer October 12, 2009 at 2:01 pm #

    As a graduating college student, Robert Tuchman’s “Young Guns,” is a guide for me to get started in the work force. This is an easy quick read with a lot of motivation, enthusiasm, and inspriation. I recommend it to anyone who ever had a great idea and wanted to see it work for them. It is also great for enthusiastic college students. It is a must read!

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