Entrepreneurial Summit Wrap Up

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I got back Tuesday night (last week, I am a little behind on getting this posted) to Maryland from The Entrepreneurial Summit at Radford University. This was the second time that the annual summit had been held on campus. The first time was in October 2007 which I created, planned, and executed. The Summit definitely had a different atmosphere this year, but you always recognize that when you are not heavily involved in planning something. You’re on the sidelines enjoying the show rather than worrying about every little detail. So it was nice to be more of an attendee than the organizer.

However, the Collegiate Entrepreneurs club and the College of Business and Economics at Radford did an excellent job of putting the event together which included 2 rounds of 90 second elevator pitch competitions, 3 guest speakers (each speaker had 2 sessions) and a luncheon with a keynote speaker. For full details on the agenda for the summit, you can check the website.

Two of the speakers I was extremely impressed by – both RU graduates – Brian Cork and John Signorello. These guys have stood the test of time in the entrepreneurship race and have been incredibly successful in their ventures…and incredibly unsuccessful in others. However, their experiences, attitudes, and knowledge has helped them be very successful business people. They both had a lot of great points to make in their presentations and over the next week or so I will be touching on a few of them in posts and in videos.

One of the cool things that did happen this year, was that one of the local TV stations in the area picked up the story and broadcast a quick segment in the morning on Tuesday before the Summit events picked up again. The video wouldn’t embed right, but you can see it here.

Also, here are a couple pieces of press/mentions that the Summit got. I am sure over the next few days and week there will be more including the Radford University student newspaper, and more. I’ll update the post as I come across them.

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  1. Anne Clelland November 13, 2008 at 7:31 pm #

    Thank you for this comprehensive list of sources on The Entrepreneurial Summit.

    That you founded it–as a student, even–is awing. Thank you for the legacy.

    We’ve got an addition:

    Brian Patrick Cork: A Man with a Plan, by Kelly Queijo


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