From Student To Leader: How To Become A Better Business Owner

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Solid leadership is the backbone of many modern companies. Having one central figure to rally round is vital to the growth of any company, and if that’s you, then you need to assess your leadership skills.

Of course, not everybody is up to the task. If you’re a student with dreams of corporate dominance, you’ll need to start honing your abilities as soon as possible. This in mind, the following post will be your all-encompassing guide to becoming a solid business leader in no time. Good luck!

  1. Make sure you’re not just in it for the money

Money is great – nobody will deny that. But there’s also a saying that goes ‘money is the root of all evil.’

While that’s a slight exaggeration, the principle is solid. If you are only considering becoming a business owner for the potential financial benefits, then it’s not for you. Companies take years and years to grow, so it’ll be a while before you’re making lots anyway.

If you aren’t doing it because you love it, then your leadership skills will suffer and the whole organisation could crumble. You’ll only make decisions with money in mind, and not the best interests of your business.

  1. Get yourself assessed to learn more about your abilities

Everyone, no matter how skilled, needs help at some point in their lives.

Becoming a better leader is often about being humble, and accepting that you may need some help to get there. An assessment program like allows you to learn more about your leadership abilities. Not everyone is born a leader of a business owner, but one of the quickest ways to get there is to understand where you need to improve. Feedback and advice are all important things in life, and the same is true here.

  1. Don’t try to do everything yourself

Delegation is key, in any business.

You have to understand when you are taking on too much, and must instill faith in your employees. Trust your staff to do things for you. Being a leader means swallowing your pride and admitting you can’t do it all. If you attempt everything, you’ll become overtired and overworked and your business could suffer as a result. There’s a ton of advice on the art of delegation, much like, so if you feel unsure, brush up.

  1. Don’t forget about work/life balance

It’s tricky to get right, and disastrous if you get it wrong.

Full-time work is classed as between 35 and 40 hours, so if you aren’t somewhere in this region, you’re doing it wrong. Even leaders need breaks you know, and you are no different. Additionally, if you have time off, you should elect a leader in your place. This shows your staff that you aren’t a big-headed control freak, and will make them respect you more as a result. Good leadership is all about earning respect, and that’s what you’ve just done.

So, in order to keep your business organised and flowing smoothly, you’ll need to be the best leader you can be. Luckily, there are some ways to get there. Enjoy the journey, and the results will speak for themselves!

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2 Responses to From Student To Leader: How To Become A Better Business Owner

  1. Megan Hicks May 23, 2016 at 10:09 am #

    Really nice tips Chris! I love your advice on not doing it solely for money. I think that this is relevant for every college graduate whether they are/are not starting a business, but for those who have decided to actually become a successful business owner, it’s vital. Because at times, when your company is not “feeling well” you will need to find some other kind of motivation and it’s not money.

    I’m running a blog for, and I’ve also written some articles for college students who want to start a business.

    If you don’t mind I’d like to add some points to your post:

    1) Keep your eyes open. You don’t want to miss a valuable opportunity that might come along. Read the industry news, participate in the industry events, ask for expert advice, etc.

    2) Learn from your mistakes. Rather than dwell on failures, take a lesson out of them. Next time you’ll be more prepared for a similar situation.

    Hope these add some value to the article!

    • Chris May 30, 2016 at 5:37 am #

      Thanks for stopping by Megan and thanks for the great comment and tips!

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